Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Florida cloth

New fat baggies fresh from Florida.

Everything in these bags comes from the cloth I dyed at FOF14. It's mostly cotton damask with a very few pieces of rayon all dyed with Procion MX. Colors from the wild!

Each one is 18.50 including postage in the US.

There are more than just these three bags, but all the colors in this lot are well represented.

Email me for availability and a PP invoice.

Internatonal customers please email me for a shipping rate, costs could be prohibitive.

FOF14 threads

Here they are - the first batch of hand dyed cotton threads that I made during my stay at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach FL. Focus on Fiber 14 was a great success and these are some of my favorite souvenirs. Well, actually, these are the leftovers. I already got mine ;)

Please go here for a close up with some explanations

These are all cotton and dyed with Procion MX and have been washed and rinsed twice, but I still would not recommend them for anything washable, garments etc.

The DMC floss each has 10yds.. (8 was too little and magic 13 too much)
The Perle cotton #5 are 12 yards and the one #8 Perle.. Lots! (Who knows, I got tired and lost count - the main reason I can't knit)

Each one is $3.85 US which includes postage..outside the US, email me and I'll get you a shipping cost.  (I just had to raise the price..postage is just appalling!)

Please email me for availability and a paypal invoice...

SOLD!!!   F1   F6  F7  F20  F22  F23   F24  F25  F27,
F3  F26   F19,

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A new crop of Fat Baggies!

Not since the 60's has a fat baggie been more inviting! No seeds or stems  but chock full of chunks and snips from all of the hand dyed cloth I use in my own studio.

Hand dyeing cloth (the way I do it) is great fun - what magic making isn't?
So, I have much more cloth than I can ever use. You bet I get first dibs but there's plenty to go around.

 Jude has so appropriately called this kind of cloth "tender". Most of it has had a working life and is worn with those years of service as  table or bed linen, grain sacks, dish towels or garments. I like working with cloth that has some history, some soul.

There is cotton lawn, damask, huck, muslin, sheeting, woven, name it - if it took the dye, I dyed it with Procion MX dyes. I've added a smattering of quality commercial prints that have been over-dyed and/or discharged, always an improvement in my book.

The quart bags are stuffed to bursting - I always stuff on the side of wild abandon.

$18.50 includes postage in the US only...please Email me for shipping rates anywhere else including Canada!!!

(International customers email me and I'll get a rate for you.)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stuffed Cusspots

Cusspots crocheted with 8 ply cotton - left natural if you are inclined to dye your own.

and for the uninitiated here's an explanation for cusspot

Each one is stuffed with snips, strips and shreds from my hand dyed damask, linens, huck, sacking, muslin, and more.

Sweetie helped me stuff them once but not this batch.

Here's a closeup of the contents which are the same in all of this batch. Each one is $18.50 including shipping inside the US.

Three left of these,  same price.  Many of the black

 and white bits are trimmings from the Karma series so

there are commercial prints and synthetic fabrics

along with hand dyed damasks and other cottons.