Saturday, May 28, 2016

Big Chunks

I'm offering some of the latest batch in whole chunks. The best of the batch first.  $25 each includes first class postage inside the US.  First come, first served. Email me and  let me know which one or ones and I'll send a PP invoice.
#1 18x25

#1 detail


#2 detail

#2    22x29

#3 detail

#3 24x25

#4   21x26

#4 detail

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fat Baggies.No seeds or stems!

Stock your sewing basket with vintage, hand-dyed scraps from the Lawrenceville Frankenstein Dyeworx.  I pick first, y'all get the leftovers and glorious they are, my customers will attest! Fat Baggies will delight.

If you would like to customize your scrap selection, give me a clue about the colorway you're leaning and I'll do my best to accommodate your emailed request.  If you'd rather leave it to me, I'll just run wild like I always do!

$28.00 includes first class postage inside the US. The bundles run an average of 1.4 pounds per the post office scale. 

Now picking from bins and tubs full of shreds and scraps of hand dyed, mostly vintage fabric - damasks of all grades, gauzy cottons, broadcloth, linens - all natural fibers that have been through the Lawrenceville Frankenstein school of Color Transformation!

please note - These are all vintage which means "tender" and not suitable for use in wash and wear things unless you are into shabby chic, in which case, you'll be thrilled at how these fabrics wear over time.

$28.00 includes first class postage inside the US.

ATTENTION international friends...sending this little packet of scraps is hideously expensive!! I just paid 9.00 to get one over the border to Canada!  Email me first so I can get you a shipping cost!!

I haven't yet figured out how to jigger the PP button so you could buy more than one at a time..if that's the case email me and I send an invoice..thanks, Therese

I'm picking from  these two baskets right now. Scraps run from mouse-sized to paperback sized with all manner of strips and shreds in between.

for added entertainment, try ironing these. Some of the damasks become almost iridescent