Monday, May 28, 2018

New Dirty Thread update 7/29

There are still plenty to choose from.  $20 includes  ten-yard skeins of hand-dyed DMC six-strand embroidery thread and postage inside the US.   As always, first come, first served.  Email me with your choices and I'll send a PP invoice.

34 is gone

A note to international friends. I have run into a snag about sending these outside of the US for the time being.  There's some paperwork they want me to file with more information on it than anyone wants to give. Looking for a way around it.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

about those threads

I pulled these from the river basket - not that I hoard the best for myself. Right.

Someone described my thread as having a luster. From what I can tell, DMC thread comes that way - at least the bright white that I start with does.

One of the interesting things I do with it is cut a length, (whatever you find manageable) and reverse the direction of one or more of the threads. It kind of "heathers" the rowdier colors, if you know what I mean.

I'm starting to plan a big piece - a map of an imaginary place. I'm still not sure I'll even do any hand stitching on it, but I'll have the colors I need, either way.

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Each Fat Baggie is 23.50$ which includes postage inside the US.   (email me for elsewhere)
Fat Baggies are a fat bundle of luscious scraps. No seeds, stems or cheese! I stuff a 6x9 plastic envelope to bursting, slap postage on it and off it goes.   Stock your sewing basket with vintage, hand-dyed scraps from the Lawrenceville Frankenstein Dyeworx. 
Now picking from a huge hamper of shreds and scraps of hand dyed, cotton, broadcloth, linens - all natural fibers that have been through the Lawrenceville Frankenstein school of Color Transformation!  I've been pulling things from bins and shelves that go back to the beginnings of my dye experimentation. Treasures all.

Note--- Although MX dyes are forever and won't run, some the vintage fabrics are "tender" and not suitable for use in wash and wear things unless you are into shabby chic, in which case, you'll be thrilled at how these fabrics wear over time.  

ATTENTION international friends...sending this little packet of scraps overseas is hideously expensive!! I just paid 9.00 to get one over the border to Canada!  Email me first so I can get you a shipping cost!!

(for added entertainment, try ironing these. Some of the damasks become almost iridescent)