Tuesday, August 5, 2014

fat baggies

These are the Quarter Pounders, ready to ship (I left this picture huge, so you can click on it and examine the contents).

FYI - I use Procion MX dyes on all natural fibers, mostly vintage damask and linen.

 What you see here is the same pile of hand dyed vintage damasks, linens and other natural fibers churned three times to give you an idea of the mix I'll be working from to make up the next round of Fat Baggies. There are solid colors, textures and mysteries galore in between those extremes.

These are all vintage which means "tender" and not suitable for use in wash and wear things unless you are into shabby chic, in which case, you'll be thrilled at how these fabrics wear over time.

I've acquired a postal scale and did a little experimenting. A full pound of scraps from this lot fills a gallon ziplock bag to bursting.

1 full pound $100.00  free shipping inside the US

One pound

1/2 pound     $50.00  +  4.00 postage inside the US

Half pound

1/4 pound      $25.00 +  2.00 postage inside the US

 Quarter pound (no cheese)