Saturday, July 19, 2014

We have clearance, Clarence.

Dear friends.  . Things change. That is the only thing you can count on anymore. Whoops...the one thing that doesn't change is that textile artists are always looking to acquire more cloth and for that I'm grateful.

In the upcoming weeks I will be selling off most of my hand dyed cloth, private stash and all. I'm going to be a grandma for the first time and have made a full time commitment to be the go-to Nana. Between that and the writing, there will be not enough hours in the day and I just don't want the cloth to languish.

Someone, somewhere will always be stitching. Just not me for a while. And I can always make more when I'm ready.

The easiest way to do this is to continue to offer fat baggies stuffed with scraps, but I'm going to step up from street dealing to moving major weight in the lingo of the sixties.  There will be quarters, halves and full pounds of scraps - I found a lovely postal scale.

I'll be photographing each batch before I start dividing them up so you'll be able to see what to expect.  So, now I'm committed..stand by for updates.