Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Fiber Hand Grenade #1- SOLD!

SOLD!  (more on request or when the weather turns cool again)

You'll squee..you may even pee! When you unpack this hand crocheted (in an hour of sustained boredom at the dayjob) cotton Hand Grenade of fabulous fiber scraps from the studio.

Drum roll for the return of the Cuss Pot, which is my take on the legendary Swear Jars. In some households, if someone swore, they had to put coins into a jar. Who got the cash and how it was used was never clear. But my version can be used for all sorts of things beyond that quaint tradition. In my house, you got the greasy spaghetti spoon for swearing! They are great thread catchers, will double as a dish scrubber, doorstop if you fill it with rocks. Stuff it with fresh catnip and drive the cats wild, paint on a face and make a new best friend! ...whatever. Be creative!

This one is busy transporting hand dyed scraps of vintage cotton damask, linen, some rayon..all the good stuff stitchers crave. This one is 40$. Email me if you are interested. First come, first served. It's a one and only for now!

Everything here,
got stuffed into here.

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