Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Shop Shutdown

I'll be gone for a bit. Shop will be closed as of 8/4 until I get back but I will ship as late as Friday morning- the post office is on my way out of town!

Minimum orders are four skeins, that's 20$ plus 2.50 postage for a total of 22.50, still a steal for 40 yards of wonder!

First come, first served...Please email me with your choices, BUT give me eight to choose from, and, if you trust me, I'll select four from the spectrum for you that won't disappoint.

The Dirty Threads are still 10+ yards each, hand dyed 6-ply DMC cotton.
Despite appearances, NO TWO ARE ALIKE, so keep that in mind if you are in any way anal about dye lots and such. Additionally, there are changes as you go deeper into each skein. This is some serious mystery stuff, folks, only for the bold!

These are created one at a time, all individuals. I'd name them, but that would only be slightly crazy.
Why I can't get the lighting/timing right is beyond me. It's a big image so, click and check 'em out.

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