Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Sets 4 U - updated.

Once upon a time I took a lot of pictures and let people choose specific threads. That was back when I had a life. Here's the next best thing. I've made up a baker's dozen including the new B&W. Those are in sets 1,2 and 3.  The ones that look like B&W in 5,6,12, and 13 are close but have a very faint tinge of purple/brown.

Sets of four are 20$, eight are 40$. Email me with the set number you want and I'll send a PP invoice.

As soon as a set is sold, I'll remove the picture.  As ever, first come first served. I won't advertise this one elsewhere for few days so loyal readers can get first dibs.

Sorry, I'm still working out a way around fiendish international shipping rates.  

.......sorry about the window screen. I'll do better next round of pictures.

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